Restoring your Health

might be easier than you expect!


Hello, I'm Regina ... Thank you so much for being here!


BodyTalk Bathurst is a beautiful Holistic Healing Hub

focused on providing One-on-One and Group BodyTalk Sessions for Children, Teens, Adults, Mums/Dads/Carers with New Bubs, Sporting Groups and Businesses.


Our Practice offers a unique approach to Healthcare that uncovers what's happening beyond the physical symptom/s to get to the root cause/s of the problem by

addressing the 'Whole Person' + their 'Whole Story'.


No Diagnoses … No Medications

Embracing change and healing can be easier than you might expect!

I invite you to explore Your Body's ability to HEAL naturally and experience

Restoring and Revitalising Your Health from the Inside Out!



'Thank you for your gentle spirit, your open heart,

beautiful energy and ambient space.


My BodyTalk Sessions have left me feeling positive

and a total believer that 'my Body can heal itself'

when given the opportunity.  


Thank you again

with Love and Gratitude.'

'I have been having BodyTalk Distance Sessions

for some time now.


My experience has been nothing but helpful in adjusting

my emotional shift to a much better way of living

with my situation, while strengthening

and grounding my outlook and future focus.


With much appreciation.'


Regina Bonassi  |   0490 405 503

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