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Register your interest for Group BodyTalk Sessions

Thank you for registering your interest for Group BodyTalk Sessions.  We look forward to contacting you soon!


YES, Absolutely!   


Group BodyTalk Sessions provide a ‘powerful’ opportunity for Healing! 

The presence of the group dynamic enhances the impact of the Session and the healing outcome … the Healing Potential is LIMITLESS!!

While we all have our own uniqueness, our own ‘snowflake qualities’ we are more alike than we think. 

Within my Practice I will see many clients highlight very similar life stressors, issues and daily pressures - they just manifest differently within us … some clients will experience digestive issues, migraines, chronic knee or shoulder pain, while others will experience fatigue, anxiety, depression, insomnia and so on.  There are far more commonalities than differences.

BodyTalk will help transform your Attitudes, Limiting Beliefs + Physical Health!


I look forward to walking with you, as you explore your healing path and continually experience the treasure of giving ‘Yourself, the Gift of Health’!

Big Smiles .. Regina 
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